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Lucas Freire

NSTNKT: Klubnacht – Lucas Freire

Originally from Brazil and now based in Barcelona, Lucas is the co-owner of the renowed and prolific Devotion Records with Fernanda Martins. Known for his unique mixing technique Lucas Freire nurtures an exceptional connection with the crowd that he developed over the years playing in some of the best clubs and festivals of the world.

His rich knowledge of the industry and his intense commitment in innumerous projects helped to expand the electronic music culture in Brazil which eventually brought him even more respect worldwide beyond simply being a prominent DJ.

Lucas Freire plays, produces, feels, lives and breathes Techno.

Inspired by space travel, the KSS sound’s primary aspiration is to offer the ravers a trip full of emotion. Beyond the raw and hypnotic beats, we are dedicated to creating a unique atmosphere with a cherry picked lineup, mixing emerging talents with established and prolific artists who share a common objective: making you dance with mind-blowing music!

Welcome aboard the Kolibri Space Shuttle – you’re in for a special journey.

Takeoff planned Saturday 25th June 2022 from E1 London, E1W 2BB – this is a limited capacity event. We advise you to get a ticket and come early with your ID. Get ready to travel beyond the solar system 🚀

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